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Is your store actively Conquesting? Do you have a results driven, easily measured well-balanced digital marketing plan in place, in other words, effective digital marketing execution. Does your digital strategy have a strategy....and lastly, does it have guaranteed sales?


CONQUEST DIRECT is a pure conquest saturation marketing campaign that leverages online marketing efforts through digital channels such as Google, social media, 100k+ emails deployed to drive a significant amount of new visitors to your website and connect prospective customers to your store and massive influxes to your showroom floor. CONQUEST DIRECT is not a lead generation program, but, a multi-channel marketing program that increases branding, awareness and exposure to new prospects that have no prior relationship to the dealership....100% conquest results!

How much do we believe in our digital marketing program? We GUARANTEE it! CONQUEST DIRECT is the NO-RISK SOLUTION strategy for automotive digital marketing. Learn more in the video below:

Our SATURATION digital and email marketing campaigns are proven to be effective and drive qualified car-shoppers to your website as well as your showroom. Are you tired of the same type of marketing month after month? Do you even know how your marketing campaigns are working for you? 


Call us today, so, you stand out tomorrow! 

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